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Residential Thermal Imaging

We save homeowners thousands by finding heat and water leaks"LOOK WHO'S TALKING"


We routinely find things like excessive HEAT LOSS (missing, insuficient, or settled insulation);WATER INTRUSION (roof); HIDDEN LEAKY PIPES; MOISTURE IN WALLS (that can sometimes lead to MOLD); as well as STRUCTURAL (dry rot in framing) & ELECTRICAL ISSUES (hot spots) that pose risks to you, the structure, and its contents.


Confused? Don't know where to start ? You can talk to 10 Contractors and you get 10 'educated guesses'. Or, you can stop the guessing games and use Building Science and cutting-edge technology to prove what the problem is.

We give you hard-copy evidence that helps you actually 'see ' hidden problems BEFORE it spreads and becomes expensive or even catastrophic. And, we do it WITHOUT BEING INVASIVE OR DESTRUCTIVE. That saves you money, time, and heartache!

Commercial Building Inspections

We help business owners save money.We help business owners save money and stretch budgets by performing Predictive Maintenance. Save right away by reducing the ENERGY LOSS,, SLASH COOLING & HEATING COSTS, find FLAT ROOF LEAKS, and OVERHEATING EQUIPMENT that causes loss of production (shutdowns).



Times have changed. Municipalities are becoming proactive. They are accessing Stimulus Plan Funds that are earmarked for Energy to enable them to implement strategies and create Energy Offices. We can help you through this process and work within your plan to uncover your hidden energy 'vampires' or help you develop a plan that fits your needs.


Contractors Builder Programs

For innovative Builders and Contractors our technology can be a great 'tool' in your 'toolbox'. Offering our service gives you an edge over your competition. Your clients will be able to 'see' the overall product value and quality, while they reduce energy use by utilizing our Infrared Imaging technology in your renovations or building projects. Seeing is believing.


Pre Purchase Real Estate Inspections

Infrared inspections are perfect for bank foreclosure REO properties or other real estate purchases. We quickly reveal missing insulation, hidden moisture damage (that can sometimes lead to mold), water penetration in roofs, and serious electrical problems in structures. Often, these properties have been left vacant and in various states of disrepair that cannot always be fully detected. There is no reason, now, to go into a deal 'blind'


Equine Imaging

Horse Owners are able to use Equine Thermography to asses the physiological changes in horses through the infrared camera images. Our camera detects minute changes in temperatures and displays the various temperatures as a digital image on its screen. The digital images expose areas emitting hot and cold temperatures, which indicate problems such as arthritis, ligament damage, soft tissue inflammation, and nerve damage in horses. An Infrared Horse Exam is a powerful diagnostic too that can be used to detect a number of abnormalities before they can be visually identified - and are a great tool to use in conjunction with your regular veterinarian's care.


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