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Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections 

***** (5 Stars)  Ajojha01

Valuable infrared home property inspection for structural issues, heat loss, and insulation. Jack performed an infrared imaging inspection to uncover water leaks, missing insulation, and other hidden issues- and RENOGITIATE THE PRICE with sellers before buying.

Thermal imaging scans taken by his infrared thermal imager came in handy - as they described each problem in detail - and his report was very elaborate .

I keep referring my infrared inspection report as I do work on the house. Infrared images taken pinpointed damp and damaged areas needing my attention.

Infrared thermography allowed us to "see" the total extent of hidden damage. Infrared scans also pointed out window leaks and where heat was leaking out.

InfraVision was meticulous and very professional.  They did infrared imaging on the entire house and explained what the thermal images meant in real time. It was a pleasure doing business with them.



***** (5 Stars)  Mgiord

Carpentry Systems & Service Inc. Northville MI

As a Building/Remodeling Contractor in my 35th year, I have always found that project quality is only as good as the trades people you work with.

We have always surrounded ourselves with true journeyman & professionals to get the work completed properly. Jack Tarry of Infravision LLC is who we call for infrared imaging in Michigan

Using cutting-edge FLIR infrared camera equipment & being able to interpret the data, Infravision LLC has saved us time, money, and needless guesswork 

Thermal imaging has helped pinpoint problems like heat loss, insulation voids, find a leak leading to moisture damage etc. when our company was called out to perform repairs and solve the unknown. Infravision LLC helps us "see" issues.

               A COOL CUSTOMER

***** (4 Stars) Ted M

 Milford's answer to cold air X-RAY VISION. Wanted to have a professional come in and see if we could make our home more comfortable in the Winter.

InfraVision an infrared imaging inspection scan in every room, wall, and window with a thermal imaging camera.

We walked the house together and the infrared thermal imager helped us: see leaky doors, find window leaks and where cold air was pouring in.

The infrared inspection also showed drafts and heat loss in a section of a bedroom wall where a cable TV installer pushed aside our insulation years earlier.

He gave me a simple list of materials & quick fixes I could do myself to stop HEAT LOSS.

Infrared imaging works out great!


***** (5 Stars)  Tinalev

Helped us find a water leak. This past summer, I was at my wits end trying to find a basement leak hidden in a wall -where a water leak spilled into our home

Someone suggested using infrared thermal imaging for leak detection.

One night after it rained, Jack and his team drove an hour to my house on a moment's notice to detect a leak in my basement using an infrared camera before the rain evaporated.

He was able to find a leak behind the vinyl siding on the second floor which found its way behind the wall to my basement.

It would have taken weeks (and DEMOLITION!), to find that leak myself.

Having been a Builder - Jack was able to provide simple, cost-effective solutions 

We were pleased to have found a professional and fair person to help us with our water leak detection!



(***** (5 Stars) Jmeljr

Infrared Thermal Imaging detected our leaks accurately and quickly. Last winter we finished our basement and were very happy to have the extra space.

For years we had a leak-free home. Then water was coming into our beautiful new basement.  Infrared imaging scans helped us find a window leak and hidden water intrusion starting behind our brick wall.

The infrared inspection also saw heat loss issues.  We were looking for the best possible leak detection method - WITHOUT COSTLY DEMOLITION.

We called Infravision and Jack came out right away to do an infrared leak detection inspection for pinpointing where a water leak originated from.

His infrared camera scan detected leaks in real time.   He gave us photographic proof to back up what he was telling us.

Infrared thermal imagers also show heat loss and missing insulation.  He helped us find a leak in brick walls leading to the basement. Better yet, he was able to fix the problem without having to rip out a bunch of drywall, saving us thousands if not tens of thousands.


***** (5 Stars) Maryganderson

 I'm delighted to have found InfraVision and Jack Tarry. Early on, he clearly stated our goals and expectations. It was obvious he is well-versed in his career.

I had a thermal imaging heat scan done of the house - and elected to replace a leaky window and french door. I received explanations & hard copy documentation.

I will always call InfraVision first for my needs. Nothing like having peace of mind